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The #UnorthodoxGuest #MondayBlogs #UniqueAuthors @dearharts @JolyseBarnett Episode 3

by Shannon Hayes, March 13, 2017

Hello all and welcome to the third installment of  Unique Authors! Today we have Romance Author Jolyse Barnett Please give her a warm welcome!


Professional worrywart. Dedicated dreamer. Introvert. Adventurer. Stickler for details. Dancer to her own tune. Basically, if Hermione Granger and Luna Lovegood had a love child, she’d be me.                               

My Creative Influences – AKA Fiction Fodder

  • Baby of the Family/First-Born:  I’m the baby girl in a family with five children, five-and-a-half years younger than my parents’ third child and the older of two youngest children by two-and-a-half years. In effect, I was bossed around and cared for by older siblings, while I alternately envied and ignored my little brother. The dynamics changed when I was twelve. With the older ones off at college, I grew into his responsible, caring older sister.
  • Loving Family/Mean Girls:  As the fourth kid in a large family surrounded by oodles of aunts, uncles, and cousins in a ten minute radius, I grew up with love and built-in friendships. Then there was my school life, a haven when my family encountered a rough patch. At other times, thirteen years in class with the same thirty kids could spell trouble. Mean girls have an uncanny ability to spot an easy target, and I was the smarty-pants bookworm with the vivid fantasy world. But it turned out well. I channeled all that teenage angst into wisdom and strength, which later helped me face far scarier situations as an adult. Life is precious and wonderful, and as long as I’m breathing, there’s hope for happiness and love.
  • Country Girl vs. City Slicker vs. Soccer Mom: I’m equally at home in the country (born and raised in a cozy Adirondack village in upstate NY), the city, (lived and worked in NYC for three years), and the suburbs (my current digs).
  • Travel Bug/Hermit: I love to travel, where I can explore and experience a new locale and culture. Then, too, I’m perfectly content to hole away at home for as long as I’m allowed. Just give me a bottle of wine, a book, and writing materials; I’ll be cuddled up with my cat without a care in the world.
  • Bohemian/Academic: To me art is beauty, the purest expression of an individual. Comprised of infinite forms, it has a unique ability to cross all barriers and connect the collective soul of the universe. I strive to surround myself by and contribute beauty through the written word. I’m an avid life-long learner.
  • Eclectic Reader: I go through episodes where I only read one book and others where I tear through multiple genres at a clip. Currently, I’m reading an uplifting inspirational romance, a kickass YA crime thriller, a naughty romance, a women’s fiction novel, and middle grade mythological fantasy.
  • Etc.: Adding to this list of creative influences…I’m a biological and adoptive mother, an elementary educator and romance author, and a cross between Mrs. Clean and Messy Martha. An eternal optimist, I prefer to view my dual sides and roller coaster ride of life experiences as an intricate dance of Yin & Yang, rather than a nonsensical jumble of curious contradictions.



Mystic Escapes ~ Magical Romantic Thrillers

This series is perhaps the most reflective work of my personality published to date. A blend of romance, action and adventure, suspense, and a dash of magical realism, it’s my feminine response to all those “through the rabbit hole” middle grade fantasies I loved as a kid and continue to enjoy with my students today. One More Sunset and One More Touch are fast-paced, action-filled mysteries. Their suspense and manic elements are offset by romance, humor, and introspection. After all, you’ve got to have balance, right?

Each Mystic Escape novel has two major settings. They function much like characters—complete with their own traits and vibe. The Ordinary Hometown vs. Exotic Island locales serve to illustrate the storyline’s movement between reality and magic. Just as we escape the daily grind to enjoy a fantasy getaway week, so does the heroine. Powered by mythical ancients, the red suitcase provides the heroine obscure clues she must solve if she is to earn her own freedom and a shot at true love.

When I craft a contemporary romance, the heroine and hero are both front and center, but in Mystic Escapes series, the heroine is the story’s focus. She starts out as a desperate woman struggling to escape that which traps her. During the course of the book she must find the strength within by using her wit and will. Much like the mythological phoenix, she rises from the ashes to earn her freedom and control her destiny. She isn’t saved by a knight in shining armor. Sometimes she might even be the one doing the saving. She solves her problems her own way, with a little guidance from the magic suitcase… Lastly, she has intellectual passions independent of her romance with the hero. He, in turn, very often becomes her best friend during the course of their romantic journey. He’s rock steady, and great in bed because he’s selfless and mature. Best of all, he knows when to admit his failings, respects her individuality, and loves and accepts her as she is. Swoon-worthy, yes?

Hop on over to my website. There, you can read samples of all my books. I love to connect with readers. Happy reading!  J Jolyse


JO_HeadShot1Romance author Jolyse Barnett writes contemporary romance and romantic suspense. In her newest offering, Mystic Escapes, she also sprinkles in a dash of magic. Jolyse loves the escape of a great story—whether of her own making or someone else’s. When she’s not reading or writing, she enjoys a fulfilling day job, savoring the little moments, and traveling the world one getaway at a time. To connect with the author or to learn more about her books, visit Jolyse Barnett at http://jolysebarnett.com


E-mail:  jolysebarnett@gmail.com  Web Site  Twitter  Facebook Profile:  Author Profile Page on Bookbub: Author Profile Page on Amazon:  Goodreads Profile:  Pinterest Account: Instagram:

Written by Shannon Hayes

Shannon Hayes

S.I. Hayes was born and bred in New England, currently living in Ohio. Running around Connecticut, she has used all of her family and friends as inspiration for her many novels. When not writing Paranormal Drama or Erotic Romance she can be found working diligently to help promote her favorite author and dear friend Eri Nelson.


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