D.H.C Series

The Dark Primal Paranormal World of the Dearhart Clan

Calls Of The Untamed

Book #4



From the unorthodox author Eri Nelson began an adult new twist to an old tale. One where paranormal leads humanities’ darkest depths astride the backs of wolfly biceps.

Unlike most darkly lit romantic tales Eri’s vision takes an imprinting’s heat on a ride through the last of the packs inevitable extinction. Sought and found by a secret corner of the government a convenient weapon, such as the Werewolves, brinks on their own possible demise. However, as their leash is loosened by Opts itself one honor bound alpha encounters the Moon’s promise of hope in a luscious scarlet haired enticement. Although as the fur begins to rise in heated ecstasy a pack’s leader learns that, their brief run to safety hasn’t been their last.

With an ill mated Thomas the clan has more to comprehend as a pack. Now that not only has the alpha’s Kristen been found but now a twin who seems to promise the pack even more by the weight of her womb. Nevertheless, Julia will not be the only imprinted yet to be found for one aged prophecy seems to have come alive and brought the INK that will soon write the end to the pack’s current existence.

Heated Calls From Change

Book #3



From the unorthodox author Eri Nelson comes a third glimpse into the dark primal world of the DHC (Dearhart Clan Series). With an adult laced premise, this dark tale once again leaves humanity’s reasoning aside in support of fast-paced desires that imprint their futures against a looming extinction.

With maddening revenge toward his creator, Wash holds the kidnapped key to Owen’s heart. However, her forced captivity is just a small obstacle to Kristen finding her way back to Owen.

Waging the war of inner turmoil Owen travels back to the pack where Kristen was last seen. Although he is not the only one who seeks the home of the clan, for four others travel now as well. Along with Thomas who brings his unwanted imprinted, Bry invades the wolfly space with an Ink that not only writes an ancient prophecy but leaves the clans alpha in peril.

Double Call From Desire

Book #2



From the unorthodox author Eri Nelson comes the second look into the dark primal world of the DHC (Dearhart Clan Series). An adult tale that continues with the moon’s induced passions that surpass humanity’s logic in favor of not meeting a beckoning demise.

As Kristen and Owen come to grips with a chosen destiny gifted by the moon, a scout is ushered off in search of a rogue wolf. Thomas chosen by Owen to survey for a troublesome wolf discovers a howly formed desirable temptation that he had never wish to unearth.

Not long after Thomas leaves on his scouting mission, Owen himself is persuaded by his highest of confidants to go in search of Kristen’s past. Since she is their hopeful future, Owen is forced to depart only to find that soon after he is gone a misstep by Kristen finds her gripped by a revenging hand’s fury.

The Call From Within

Book #1



From the unorthodox author Eri Nelson comes an introduction into the dark primal world of the DHC (Dearhart Clan Series). Where an adult tale creates the foundation for untamed passions no longer bound by humanity but unleashed under the push of extinction.

An unknowing waitress by the name of Kristen Still slips off to sleep with her illusions of normality. Only to be awoken by heated dreams for an unknown traveler’s face who had visited the diner in which she works. Although as the dream subsides her reality is disrupted by a wolfly protector unmasking a deadly mistake in which held Kristen against her will.

Under uncontrollable duress the wolf unfurls to, Owen, the man from her dreams. With fear and doubt discarded under their hastily following pursuers, Kristen flees with Owen’s guidance only to learn more than she had ever bargained for let alone the desires she and Owen create.